Panno S Panno Panno-X Accessories


  • Panno S

    SpecilficationFront ViewRight View108mm108mm36.5mm16mm
    Appearance Dimensions 108mm x 108mm x 36.5mm
    Weight 200g
    Display Resolution 270ppi . 320 x 320
    Full sRGB Standard, AMOLED Display
    Input Panno S Voltage/Current 12v-30v/300mA
    KNX Voltage/Current 30 v/≤10mA
    Sensor 3D Infrared Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    Support 8 zone 0-10V dimming signal, 2 dry contact circuits
    for motorized curtains, 2 wireless control circuits
    for EnOcean motorized blinds
    System Enno Operation System™ 、Smart System On Device™
    Wireless 2.4GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, 868.3MHz
  • Panno

    SpecilficationFront ViewRight View108mm108mm59mm
    Appearance Dimensions 108mm x 108mm x 59mm
    Weight 260g
    Display Screen 262K-colored OLED screen
    Energy Consumption Voltage:85-264VAC
    Sensor Active Infrared sensor
    0-40 cm distance perceived
    Control Circuits Two electric curtains
    Eight lighting circuits(1-10V)
  • Panno-X

    SpecilficationFront ViewRight View80mm80mm18.9mm
    Appearance Dimensions 80mm x 80mm x 18.9mm
    Weight 60g
    Communication EnOcean wireless technology
    Button mechanical button
    One-click control
    Support Pair with Panno S