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Panno S.

Your new family member.

PannoS IF PannoS goodDesign PannoS HomeKit

Enjoy more fun of smart home.

It's extrovert. When you want to slip out from the library to the playground, Panno S will shift easily and excite the atmosphere. It's thoughtful. It detects outdoor temperature change and adjusts your indoor climate to keep you always well in the comfort zone. It's agile. When you are away from home, it notifies you smog or electrical hazardous warning and updates you with any circumstances change at home.

All the way you love life. It's here.

Panno S and Enno App allow users to set and switch between 20 custom scenes. Playing with children,

gathering with family, dating with your beloved one, or burying yourself in reading…You can imagine more with Panno S at home!

PannoS Control PannoS Control PannoS Control PannoS Control PannoS Control
Panno S Voice Control

A smarter way to refresh the convenience.

Let Panno S do the rest.

  • PannoS Control
    Hey Siri, please set the thermostat to 22 degrees.
    PannoS Control
  • Hey Panno S, please turn off the light.
smart home

Expect lighting and warm water ready when you arrive home.

Panno S has passed the security verification to work the Enno App to remote control the smart device at home. You are able to start your rice cooker and turn on the ventilation system on your way home.

Download Enno app
smart home
smart home smart home

Seamless design from every angle.

Engineered for high performance and svelte finish, every detail of Panno S has not been ignored.

To build a truly user-friendly product, Panno S has the most responsive panel available.

We made sure your command would executed in a possibly quickest way.

  • More Sensor  More Precise

    Infrared sensor

    Beautifully light up without manual operation when detecting you are within the distance of 20-25 cm.

    Ambient light sensor

    Adjust the screen brightness according to external brightness level.

    Temperature sensor

    Quickly and accurately sense the surrounding temperature change.

    Humidity sensor

    Detect the indoor humidity index to adjust for the best feeling.

    Motion sensor

    Smart Motion detect your activity area with a 130 degree wide-angle view to switch to energy-saving mode.

    PannoS UI
    PannoS UI
  • PannoS UI PannoS UI PannoS UI PannoS UI PannoS UI PannoS UI PannoS UI

    Easy to learn. Easy to use.

    For the wonderful user experience,

    Panno S is capable with unique and

    amazing user interface. Simple, and intuitive.

    PannoS UI
PannoS PannoS

Light up your way quietly

Panno S lights up to 30% brightness when you are near in the dark, which allows you to easily locate the panel without making any noise. Why not slipping into the kitchen for some late-night snack?

smart home

Respect your privacy.
Guarantee your security.

Our backstage ensures the safety of hardware and software by protecting the system on 24/7 basis,

and our dual-server design provides superior security protection. The Distribution Control System

secures data of end-consumers as well. Being compatible with the KNX bus technology, the EnOcean

wireless technology and RS485 at the same time, Panno S meets the highest safety requirement and

has the least limitation to enhance your living experience.

Choose your Panno S.

Find your best suitable homestyle