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Enno realises your dream of perfect living. We aim at devoting our intelligence to your magic housing environment and personalised living experience. Delight emotions and optimistic living attitude inspire us to innovate products and beyond products.

Enno products are among UK's most leading home automation facilities, inheriting classic British features and incorporating world-class technology. We focus on highest-quality and distinctive automation products and system for luxury apartments, stylish boutique hotels and high-end architectures, which best respond to varieties of spiritual aspirations and residential desires. Our Panno S, which is our latest intelligent panel, has been rewarded by Red Dot Award 2015 and iF Award 2016. Panno-X, the best wireless companion of Panno S, wins Red Dot Award 2016 and achieves one of the best of the industry.

Enno stays flexible and innovative, and we adhere to the concept that "The magic future is consumer-oriented". We understand how much your living experience matters to you, and it matters to us!