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Living "lite" in the future.

PannoX IF
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Without wires.
With more powers.

The wireless EnOcean technology differentiates Panno-X from traditional control panel that it eliminates the installing complexity. Panno-X breaks your using limitations compatibly and conveniently. Besides, the self-charging function creates more possibilities of changing the living environment. Stick it wherever you wish to.

Place it everywhere
stick it anywhere
Various wall texture supported
Various wall texture supported.

Customise your own Panno-X.

With the integration of leading engineering standard and the innovative controlling technology, Panno-X allows users to customise each button for preferred function. It realises to change scenes with one-click touch or enables you to manage each individual device. This miniature intelligent control panel is no longer playing a sole role, instead, it is working more precisely with multiple functions and spreading more fun.

The perfect companions for Panno S.

The flexible Panno-X and powerful Panno S are perfect matching with each other. The two-side control system always makes the communication fluently and rapidly. Moreover, one Panno-X can be paired with several Panno S at the same time via Bluetooth or WiFi and you can add more Panno-X according to your room size and controlling area.


There is always your Panno-X.